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TruCytes™ CD34 Low/High

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The TruCytes™ CD34 Kit mimics biological samples like mobilized blood, enriched blood, cord blood, hematopoietic progenitor cell apheresis (HPCA), and bone marrow aspirate without any biohazardous risks. The kit contains the only non-biohazardous high CD34 expressing control, allowing confidence and standardization for downstream cell therapy manufacturing. These CD34 cell mimics are also representative of pre and post-CD34 enrichment samples without having to perform time-consuming enrichment processes. With our superior closed-vial stability, you can secure a single lot for the entire study duration without worrying about inconsistent results or changing supplies. 

TruCytes™ CD34 Low/High kit consists of 2 vials: 

Vial 1 (High) 250K Cell Mimics:

  • CD45 dim+ CD34+ (90%)
  • CD45+ (10%)

Vial 2 (Low) 1 Million Cell Mimics:

  • CD45 dim+ CD34 + (1.5%)
  • CD45+ (98.5%)



CD34 Stem Cell Mimics as reliable controls for Cell Therapy: Addressing challenges in CD34 expression in Stem Cells and Lot-to-Lot Consistency

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