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HyParComp™ XT

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5 Species = 5 Star Compensation Controls!

HyParComp™ XT single stain controls optimize compensation results to reduce errors associated with spectral overlap, now with 5 species capability including rabbit and human. These controls are designed to match the staining performance of real cells. Staining HyParComp XT yields a positive fluorescence histogram that will aid in resolving the performance of the fluorophore; it will also serve as the basis for the positive signal of a given fluorophore for conventional compensation and spectral unmixing.


  • Unparalleled high fluorescence response (greater than 10e5 MFI on most bright fluorochromes)

  • Conveniently works with multiple species of antibodies: mouse, rat, hamster, rabbit, and human

  • Exceptional performance for compensation/unmixing across instrument platforms

  • Compatible with violet, UV fluorochrome, and tandem dyes

  • Consistent fluorescence signals for reliable performance

  • Designed to support easier analysis workflows with their cell-like attributes (size, scatter, and autofluorescence)

  • Separate positive and negative vials for the maximum number of tests 



Spectral Cytometry Reference Controls: The Search for the Perfect Particle



Jensen, HA, Kim, J. iCoreDrop: A robust immune monitoring spectral cytometry assay with six open channels for biomarker flexibility. Cytometry. 2023; 103(5): 405–418.

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