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TruCytes™ BCMA Quant

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TruCytes™ BCMA Quant offers a precise method for quantifying the BCMA antigen density on your cell samples. This is essential for consistent comparisons of BCMA expression across different cell line passages, patients undergoing immunotherapy, or different flow cytometers. Each vial contains four lyophilized synthetic cell populations, each with a defined quantity of BCMA. TruCytes BCMA Quant is labeled with genuine BCMA, allowing you to use the same PE-labeled anti-BCMA antibody for staining that you use on your cells. This eliminates the need to know the F/P ratio of your antibody when calculating BCMA antigen density. After staining, simply analyze TruCytes BCMA Quant and your sample with your flow cytometer, input the MFI values into Slingshot’s antigen density calculator, and accurately determine the BCMA antigen density of your sample.

Each vial contains 4 lyophilized synthetic cell populations. Kit includes 3 vials of TruCytes™ BCMA Quant

1. BCMA+ High (25% population frequency, ~45,000 antibody accessible BCMA binding sites)

2. BCMA+ Medium (25% population frequency, ~14,000 antibody accessible BCMA binding sites)

3. BCMA+ Low (25% population frequency, ~3,500 antibody accessible BCMA binding sites)

4. BCMA Negative (25% population frequency) 

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Enhancing Immunophenotyping Standardization in Clinical Labs with Quantitative BCMA or CD19 Cell Mimics

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