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SpectraComp® Compensation Controls

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SpectraComp® are single stain controls that optimize spectral unmixing results to reduce errors associated with spectral overlap. These controls mimic the staining performance of real cells. SpectraComp® captures multiple species of antibodies, including human anti-mouse, mouse, rat, and hamster.

This product is intended for spectral mixing or conventional compensation to match the single staining of real cells. Staining with SpectraComp® yields a positive and negative fluorescence peak that will aid in resolving spectral overlap during spectral unmixing or compensation.

This product comes in one vial with negative and positive capture mimics combined.


  • Unparalleled high fluorescence response (greater than 10e5 MFI on most bright fluorochrome)
  • Conveniently works with multiple species of antibodies: mouse anti-human, mouse, rat, and hamster 
  • Exceptional performance in spectral analysis and unmixing
  • Compatible with violet and UV fluorochromes
  • Cell-like autofluorescence for superior signal-to-noise resolution

Reactivity Table

Antibody Origin Reactivity Notes
Mouse +++ Antibodies derived from mouse B cells
Rat +++ Antibodies derived from rat B cells
Hamster +++ Antibodies derived from hamster B cells
Mouse - anti-human +++ Antibodies derived from mouse B cells



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