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ViaComp® viability controls are advanced 2-in-1 beads that bind to both DNA intercalating dyes (7AAD, DAPI, PI) and amine-reactive viability dyes to simulate the viability staining of cells.

This product is intended as compensation and assay controls to match the viability staining of real cells. The combination of positive and negative binding beads yields positive and negative fluorescence peaks that will aid in identifying the live and dead cell populations.


  • The only viability control that binds to both DNA and amine-reactive viability dyes
  • Exceptionally positive peak signal (greater than 10e5 MFI) to make detection easy
  • Zero non-specific binding to negative peak
  • Conveniently pre-mixed negative and positive control beads in ready-to-use dropper bottle



ViaComp® Application Note

Technical Data Sheet 

Safety Data Sheet 

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